File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ce/cellinfo.cImplementation of RIL functions used with cetoys
ce/cellinfo.h [code]Radio Interface Layer (RIL) based mobile cell information functions
ce/cellinfoapp.cMain GUI module for the cellinfo routines
ce/cellinforc.h [code]Resource constants used in the cell info application
ce/cetdll.cCetoys dll
ce/cetdllrc.h [code]Resource constants for cetdll.dll
ce/cidb.cCreates a tower cell id database from a textual description
ce/cidb.h [code]Tower cell ID database
ce/cidbmain.cTest for the tower cell ID database handling
ce/cidlg.h [code]Tower cell info database configuration dialog
ce/clipboard.cWindows clipboard handling
ce/clipboardrc.h [code]Resource constants
ce/csvrd.h [code]Types and functions for reading CSV files
ce/fileio.h [code]Defines for rudimentary platform independend file IO operations
ce/ip.h [code]Definitions of IP protocol oriented functions
ce/scrsht.cCommand line screenshot program for MS WIndows
ce/scrshtrc.h [code]Resource constants
ce/sendsms.h [code]Definition of functions and types for handling SMS
ce/smsapp.cCommand line screenshot program for MS WIndows
ce/smsapprc.h [code]Resource constants
ce/wintools.h [code]Various MS WIndows oriented functions and macros common for all programs
rapi/rapi.cRapi tool
rapi/rapiwrap.h [code]Definitions of RAPI datastructures and functions
rapi/ucs2le.h [code]Types and functions for coverting character strings into UCS-2LE

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