Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_areaList of areas belonging to a mobile network in the tower cell ID database
_cellList of tower cells
_coordList of coordinates for one tower cell
_crtctxContext structure for callbacks during importing of the tower cell information file
_crtthrctxStructure passed to the tower cell info DB creation thread procedire
_ctryList of countries in the tower cell ID database
_dbWhole tower cell ID database
_netList of mobile networks belonging to a country in the tower cell ID database
_parsectxContext for the CSV parsing routine
_tarblockOne tar block
_tarhdrHeader for each file contained in the tar archive
t_cidbrd_ctxConstext structure used for reading tower cell IDs from the database file
t_cidlg_cfgStructure for configuration parameters of the tower cell info database configuration dialog
t_ucs2leHandle for the conversion engine

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